• I’m out for a day in the city, so a new OOTD will be up later!

    Also, I’m going to be in San Francisco for a week starting tomorrow so get ready for some fun traveling OOTDS.

  • LACMA photo on your icon 💕


    Why thank you! haha :) 

    Hi , sorry to bother you , but can you please link me to your diet ? x


    You can click here to see what it is basically.

    Essentially, I’ve followed a pescatarian, dairy free, sugar free, processed foods free, and gluten free diet since the beginning of May. 

    I was reading through your diet, and I'd really like to try it & see how it goes. Only thing is meat has been my favorite kind of food since I was a little girl, so would it be okay to eat deli sliced meats over those that are packaged? Also how did you cut out dairy considering it's in so much stuff? I don't think I could give up dairy entirely (just from eating cheeses & things- which I also eat fresh deli sliced over packaged. But how should I limit everything?


    I was totally in your shoes when I first started my new diet. My family loves meat, and I’ve been eating meat since I could, and same with dairy. I have an absolute love for cheese and yogurt, so it kills me to say the least haha. Honestly, if you feel the need to ease into by getting rid of things step by step, that’s fine. But I truly don’t believe you will see full results unless you get rid of it all. Of course you can start by getting rid of milk and red meat, and see how that goes and then give up the rest. Think of it as a week by week thing, not a long goal. In the end, you will see results if you stick to it and you will want to continue. It can be difficult at first, but I promise that once you pass the first 5-6 days, your cravings go away. Hope that helps!

    Hi, so I bought a sweater to only find out that I am in fact smaller than I thought. So now I have it, and it's huge on me. Like falling off the shoulders & the whole works. (I bought it blindly online) but now I can't return or exchange it, any tips?


    I think you can wear it slouchy with a halter top sticking out and then some black skinny jeans and ankle boots.

    Dress: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Forever21
Backpack: Urban Outfitters

Today was most definitely a beach day! Of course I brough my trusty sunflower dress for a day out in the sun and I added a cute leather backpack to the mix. It is a super fun yet chic way to carry your belongings. Of course the day ended with a trip to go shopping.
  • "Caroline, you haven’t updated your journey to a healthier me and clear skin is forever." Yeah guess what? I know, and I hate myself for it so I’ve got a bit to cover now, don’t I?! Let’s begin.. (Yes, this will be rather long but I’d read it if you have been experiencing with chin/upper lip acne and you’ve tried everything!)

    Skincare: Guess what I’ve learned? Oils break me out. So to any magazine or website that told me that I can cleanse with oils, sad face. Remember that whole natural skincare routine I was doing? In the end, it did nothing for me so I went to the next skincare brand I wanted to try- First Aid Beauty. I have been using their Red Clay Cleanser and the Blemish Control Pads for over a month now, and I am in absolute love. My problem was that I never ever stuck with a skincare routine for longer than a month, and by am I glad that I did this time! Those blemish control pads are heaven, and for a solid two weeks, I didn’t get any new pimples. 

    Diet: I must be honest, I cheated a little. And when I say a little, I mean it. I cheated mostly on the gluten free part simply because it is rather difficult when I go out to eat (which I do alot over the summer). However, I stuck to being dairy free and meat free and processed food/sugar free, and I swear this has been the key to my clear skin. About a week ago, I consumed alot of sugar because it is summer and like #yolo ya know?! Yeah, I got four new zits the next day after perfect skin for about two weeks. Ding ding ding, we have a winner. No more ice cream for me. My water intake decreased alot also, which I realized was a big part of my breakouts. 

    I honestly never believed that my diet could affect the way my skin looked. I always read about it online, and I thought about how ridiculous it is. How could those things connect with eachother?! But boy am I glad that I stuck to it. I’ve been on this special diet since May, and yes it took two months to see results but I am absolutely blown away and I can’t wait to see where it continues to take me. Also, I plan on sticking to my current simple skincare routine for the next two months to see how that helps me too. I think the number one thing I learned in the last year about my skin is that I know my skin and body best. Before I had these awful breakouts, my skincare routine was super special and then I became a blogger and I started to trying out everything in the world and my skin hated me for it. So in combination with my crazy hormones, these new products irritated my skin. 

    So there it is folks. A bit long, but quite worth a read if you are struggling with the same things. Hope this helps, and I will do another update soon!

  • haha funny story about your url: I just realized that your name is not actually maven! like i KNEW before that it was caroline cause i even follow you on insta but it never really clicked? and "mode" means "fashion" in my language so at first I thought you were like, maven and this was your fashion blog! (still half true lmao) but yeah i thought it was on purpose, like that you know german or that youre from Germany or something haha. x


    Hahahahha yeah, I tried to stay away from using my name in my url since alot of people do that, so I wanted to change things up! I’m close to German. I’m polish if that counts haha. 

    What would you wear with a black maxi skirt? Ps: I loe your blog, and I love how you're always there for the people that follow you, you're the sweetest!


    I’d probably pair it with either a black halter top and a floppy hat with cute sandals or a white blouse tucked in with a leather jacket and sandals.

    How did you choose your url? Does 'modemaven' have a meaning?


    I wanted something catchy so I was just messing around with names. Mode stands for modern while maven stands for “expert.” So I’m a modern fashion “expert.” I use the word exper lightly haha

    I'm quite insecure lately, and I'm working out more (I've gained a few pounds) so until I get back on track, what kind of outfits could you recommend? I just don't want to show off my tummy too much :/


    I really dislike answering questions simply because everyone feels comfortable in different things, however I feel most comfortable when I’m wearing printed cotton shorts or pants (like ones from Brandy Melville) with a flowy black or white top. That is usually my go to and I can dress it up with a fun statement necklace. Also, flowy babydoll dresses are super great! Actually, any type of dress is perfect! 

    Hey Caroline, So I have a non-fashion related question and it's pretty complex but I need help. Whoever reads this, as well. I've been in a pretty long term relationship(1 year and several months) and I live with him, which is essentially the reason why leaving him is hard. I haven't been happy in a while and it's just becoming a more terrible relationship each and everyday. But it's hard to leave because we live together and do everything together basically. Help?


    Hi there! Hmm, I will try to help haha. I know where you are coming from especially since I was in a 2 year relationship in high school, and while we never lived together, I felt the exact same way as you did. This guy I was dating never did anything specifically wrong like cheat on me or abuse me, but I just became overally unhappy. I was in a rough place in my life and this guy just did nothing for me. At 16 years old, I was just getting bored and realized that I’m not going to marry this guy so what’s the point. Perhaps you know you want to leave him because you are so unhappy that all you need for me is to tell you to leave. So do it, leave. That is my advice for you and there is no other advice I have quite honestly. Who cares if you guys are living together? Things like that can be solved. You can find a new place to live or so can he. And as for the basically doing everything together, it may seem odd at first, trust me- I went through it. It was weird not having someone who is willing to hang out with you 24/7 or whatever but guess what, two years later, I’m alive and I have great friends who I do great things with. I know it is easier said than done, but I truly believe that sometimes you and your happiness comes first and if this relationship makes you feel horrible, ditch it before it is to late. Be fearless and get it done because I promise you that the most fearless people in this world are the most successful and you will make it out alive no matter how much this scares you! Just remember: you will survive and your happiness should be your first priority because lots of people forget that and get tied up in the social stigma and forget to live for themselves. I hope that helped a little bit, and I wish you the best of luck. However, there is more to the situation than just me wishing you luck, you have to take action. 

    Where did you get your scrunchie it's hella cute


    American Apparel! They are daaa bomb.

    Dress: Forever21 Shoes: Boohoo Bag: Steve Madden
Today was a rather casual day for me, so I know that a dress is in store. I know you’ve heard me say it about a million times, but dresses are super great when you want to look effortlessly cute/chic/whatever you want to be without actually having to put to much effort into it. Also, another thing I love about this dress is how it is floral print without being super girly, another plus in my book.