Anonymous asked: Maybe for your video channel, you can do different outfits with one item like "how to style boyfriend jeans" and then show us different outfits and explain them more in details! And maybe you can also show us your favorite pieces of clothes at the moment! :)

I’m not entirely sure how fashion/beauty related I want my youtube to be simply because I already update this blog daily. However, I like the general idea of showing my favorite pieces for each season. I want to center my youtube channel more about vlogs, tags, and just candid things. 

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Anonymous asked: Maybe you can do a video how you adapt yourself to university!

That’s a good one.

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Anonymous asked: You can maybe do a video about your favorite beach, shops, cafe, hidden spots, etc. in California

I like that!

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Anonymous asked: You should do a video about how you stay healthy (what you eat) and your exercices routine especially for the freshman at universities :)


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Anonymous asked: For one of your YouTube vids you should do an airport/travel guide! I'm going out of the country soon and I don't know what to pack or anything lol


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Thinking about filming my first youtube video this weekend.

I’m thinking of making my youtube channel more vlog, tag, and talk related as opposed to fashion and beauty. 

Give me your suggestions as to what you want to see!

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Anonymous asked: heey do you know of any way to dress up sweatpants? because high school sometimes you just wanna wear sweats but I kinda wanna look good too

Haha sometimes I saw people just wear a white flowy vneck with a long statement necklace and a leather jacket. As for shoes, perhaps converse.

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Anonymous asked: im going to wear a white sweater & scarf with my black cheetah combat boots do i wear jeans or leggings?

Either! I’d go with jeans though.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! :) my problem with boyfriend jeans is that, as my legs are not exactly skinny, they're a bit right around my thighs... Not too tight, but they're not fitting loose, it you know what I mean... How tight is okay without looking like a loon?

I’m not one to say how tight is “okay.” It depends on what makes you feel comfortable and only that. So if you feel comfortable while wearing it, do it. 

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Anonymous asked: I have recently been wanting a black blazer but I haven't purchased it because I am unsure how to style it! I was wondering how. Would you style a black blazer??

I used to be obsessed with blazers- I’m pretty sure I had just about every color you could think of. I loved pairing mine with a cute sun dress and ankle boots or black skinny jeans, a fun graphic tshirt, and ankle boots. You can even add a cute yet simple circle scarf or a statement necklace. 

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Anonymous asked: what do you suggest to wear with boyfriend jeans to look dressed and not lazy

Usually I like to pair my boyfriend jeans with a graphic shirt or a white button up with my leather jacket and ankle boots or oxfords. With the cooler weather, you can also add a big circle scarf or a beanie which gives you that effortless cute look.

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Anonymous asked: honestly your adorable! im so jealous of your style its amazing!

That’s very sweet of you, thank you!! :) 

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Anonymous asked: Your reply to that anon hate made my day. Stay fab angel xxxxx ❤️

Hahah I’m glad that I could make your day! :) And I will try to stay fab as long as you stay fab too!

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